MelRo’s Voice, The Story Of Struggle And Conquer

MelRo is a survivor, and she is teaching others how to feel beautiful, no matter what their past dictates.

True beauty, what does it mean to you? When MelissaRoshan Potter (MelRo) took the stage during the Ted talk, she illuminated with beauty from the inside out. The reality is that her story is not as wonderful as it may seem at first. She is more than just a pretty face, and she is much more than what she seemingly appears to be at first glance. MelRo is a survivor, and she is teaching others how to feel beautiful, no matter what their past dictates. Listen her story in the TED Talk below…

MelRo has had a difficult journey. Growing up in 23 foster homes because her mother could not care for her is just the beginning of her story. After living through a relationship full of domestic violence, giving birth to a son while she was only a teenager, and then living with her infant son in a homeless shelter, MelRo knows what it is like to feel broken and unloved. With nowhere to turn and nowhere to go, MelRo trudged on, but it was not the easiest path.

Thankfully, the universe had great things in store for her. She was approached by a modeling agent while shopping for diapers, and suddenly she was thrust upon the modeling circuit, appearing on magazine covers, and living in NYC.

But, not is all as it seems. Soon after getting married and giving birth to a daughter, MelRo’s unhealed childhood trauma caught up with her, and she had a breakdown. She said she felt “broken” from growing up in foster homes, experiencing years of abuse and not having a relationship with her mother or father, that she made the decision to take her own life. The good news is that a stranger saw that MelRo was about to jump to her death and intervened. MelRo calls this stranger her “angel” who told her she was beautiful and that her life was valuable. This is what helped MelRo to finally believe in herself. Not long after, she decided she was not going to put up with feeling broken any longer. She faced her fears and sought to heal through forgiveness of her birth parents, the foster home where she was abused, and she became victorious.

Tragedy struck again when MelRo’s father suddenly died in a car wreck, and while devastated, MelRo decided that this was not going to pull her into a depression. She rose and did not let herself go to the dark places she had been before. She finally broke free from the chains of despair and she made the choice to believe she was beautiful and live with this beauty from then on.

This is her reason, this is her purpose, and this is her cause. From a broken home to feeling beautiful from the inside out, MelRo has shown others what it truly means to be beautiful and that starts with forgiving others for self-healing and recognizing that we can choose how to react to the bad things and setbacks that happen to us. We are in control of our reactions and our outlook on life. We are all beautiful and the past is only a story, it is not our identity.

MelRo is a model, a mother and the living proof that love conquers all. You can connect with MelRo through her Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Website.