(AUDIO) Tony Robbins And Jay Abraham in London

It’s Exclusive. It’s Never Been Done Before. It’s Never Been Heard Before. It Can Catapult Your Business!

This is a 90 minutes of Q&A with Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham in a high price session held in London just a couple of weeks ago.

People paid big money to be at this event.

In a form never seen before, Tony and Jay collaborating with each other bring you real world solutions.

They talk about:

  • How to merge a brand
  • How to design a bullet proof referral marketing system
  • The difference between being in love with the business and being in love with the client
  • The importance of listening
  • The right way to fire a client
  • How to build a business on your terms
  • A proven system for creating a great marketing strategy
  • How Tony Robbins did said no to a request from the President of The United States of America Bill Clinton
  • And much more…

Listen to Q&A session below and let us know how this conversation is going to impact the way you do business.

Show 16 – EXCLUSIVE – Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham in London

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