Trent Shelton – From NFL Player To Inspirational Speaker

Meet The True Trent Shelton!

Trent Shelton’s was first known within the sports world as an NFL. Today, you can find his name in the spotlight for very different reasons.

With more than 3,6M followers in Facebook alone, Shelton helps and  inspires people all around the world.

Shelton’s transition from NFL player to motivational speaker might look fortuitous at first glance, but after digging deeper into the story of Trent Shelton, we can see that after all it makes sense.

Diply recently made and interview with Shelton to find the man behind the story.

Below you can read an excerpt of that interview:

Q: What sparked the change from NFL player to motivational speaker? Have you always wanted to inspire others?

A: I always loved inspiring others through my actions. I’ve never really been a super vocal person. I’m always the person that only speaks when things need to be said. I never wanted to set out to be a speaker at first, I kind of just walked into it. One of my close friends asked me to speak to a group of kids, about 5,000 kids and I didn’t want to do it but that was the first time that I knew that being an inspirer was what I wanted to do just to see the kids’ reactions. If you can reach kids, that’s one of the best feelings there is.


Q: After doing a little research, I noticed that the birth of your son had a part to play in your motivation and desire to help others. What was it about his birth that really inspired you to change?

Trent Shelton and his son
Trent Shelton and his son | Image credits: Diply

A: Two things:

  1. The birth of my son
  2. The death of my college roommate who committed suicide.

With the birth of my son it made me finally look at myself and realize that I’m a leader. Everybody’s a leader. You can lead people the wrong way or the right way, and for me, I wanted to make sure my son could look at my life and say “I want to be like my dad” just like I was with my father, so I had to make a lot of changes in my life. My son is not only going to listen to what I say, but even more so follow what I do. So I wanted to make sure those steps would lead him to a great path for his life.

Q: You coined the saying “It’s RehabTime,” what does that mean to you?

A: RehabTime came at the time that my son had been born and I realized that I have to get my life right; mind, body and soul. So the first thing that came to my mind was the word ‘rehab’, so I applied that to everything in life. We all have a weakness in life that we need to fix whether it’s spiritually, mentally or physically. So I’d tell myself ‘It’s RehabTime’. When I’d go to the gym, ‘It’s RehabTime’ when I’d start reading, ‘It’s RehabTime’ and it just stuck with me.

Q: What is it about helping people that you love the most?

A: My biggest thing is putting a smile on people’s face. To be able to see people light up, to be able to see people realize everything that they are. To make them realize that they’re enough, to make them realize that they’re beautiful, that they’re special, that they’re talented. Because I know how it feels like to get something taken away from you (even though mine was on a professional level); it makes you realize that you aren’t good enough. I like to see people realize that “you know what, I am enough” and give them that hope and faith to move towards the change they wish to see in their life.

That’s the most beautiful thing I love about what I do.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with your motivational talks, books and videos?

A: The main thing I want people to take is that nothing is impossible. Especially when you have a relationship with God, when you know who you are, and know what you can do. Nothing is impossible. Keep moving forward. I always say “impossibilities only exists in those who create them.”

Q: What are some things that you’ve noticed in your motivational career that people struggle most with in life?

Trent Shelton | Image credits: Diply
Trent Shelton | Image credits: Diply

A: The main thing is identity. People forget who they are. Amongst everything that goes on in their life, the struggles that they have, their circumstances, the broken relationships, I feel people lose themselves, so at the end of the day the biggest problem is knowing what they’re worth and their identity.

They forget how great they were created to be.

Q: What do you want people to take from this interview?

A: Look at this article as possibility, I want them to look at me and not say “oh wow, look at what he’s doing and he’s a celebrity” I want them to look at me and say “wow, Trent can do that? I can do whatever with my life.”

I want them to put no limitations on their life and end the negative talk, the self doubt, the lies they tell themselves. If I can start from the bottom with an iPhone and two minute videos and now I’m fulfilling my purpose, then God has a plan for everyone. That’s what I want them to take.

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