Wow! What an Amazing Message! New video from Mateusz M With Eric Thomas.

If you want to succeed in life make sure your whys are strong enough!

Mateusz M created a new short motivational video but with a BIG message. Featured by Eric Thomas, he tells us the importance of having strong whys to make it.

If you want to succeed in life make sure you have strong whys. If you don’t have strong whys, inevitably the Resistance is going to win.

Before you decide to do something think about your why and before you begin make sure they are strong!

If you don’t have a strong why to do what you want to do, just make one! I am serious, create a strong why for yourself! If you want to give up smoking, go to a good friend of yours and give him $1,000, then you tell him, “During the next year I pick up a cigarette again give this money to a charity of your choice.” This is how you make a strong why if you don’t have one.