Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Success Due To Hard Work Or Talent?

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He went from a skillful skinny kid from the small island of Madeira, Portugal to the best player in the world based only on his will to succeed!

The problem with most people is that they are not willing to put on the necessary hard work to success. When they hit the first setback they say, “Well, unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about that. At least I tried.”

But not footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, when he was 12 years-old Sporting Clube de Portugal (one of the best football teams in Portugal) told him that he had talent, but, unfortunately, he was too skinny. His response was, “The body I can improve” and then he worked really hard to get stronger.

Cristiano is one of the best role models of hard work and dedication in the world. His life story is inspiring millions of young kids around the world to work hard and follow their dreams.