Last Words From Steve Jobs and Other 8 Famous Leaders (Who Still In Their Graves)

The big ones are hilarious even when they are departing.

Inc. Magazine compiled a list of 17 inspiring last words from some of the greatest leaders of all times.

It’s hard to believe that this man and women on their death bed had the spirit to say such inspiring and sometimes funny words.

When I leave, I wish I could be remembered for saying something that profound, but let’s be realistic, that probably isn’t going to happen.

They are so cool that you have to check them out. Below you can find the first 9.

The more important words are the ones we utter on the way out. If we have time to think about them, they’re literally the codas of our lives. Here are some of the most inspiring last words of all time.

1. “Oh wow. Oh wow, oh wow.”
–Steve Jobs
Honestly, I hope my last words are this good–suggesting wonder and amazement during the last seconds among the living and the first seconds among–well, that’s the point, right? Although, there is some possibility that Jobs was playing a last-minute cosmic joke on the rest of us. Which brings us to–

2. “This wallpaper is dreadful, one of us will have to go.”
Oscar Wilde
Dry, hilarious, lasting. If you want to go out with humor, this is the way to do it. Unless–

3. “Plaudite, amici, comedia finita est.”
Ludwig van Beethoven
If you view comedy from a more philosophical vantage point, these might be good last words for you. I’m pretty sure this is Latin; anyway, it means, “Applaud, my friends, the comedy is over.”

4. “He smelled the garden, the yellow shield of light smote his eyes, and he whispered, ‘Life is so beautiful.'”
— Mario Puzo, The Godfather
No fair cheating–you have to have read the book, not just seen the most amazing movie of all time. Granted, Vito Corleone is a fictional character, but the sentiments here are true-life.

5. “I have offended God and mankind because my work didn’t reach the quality it should have.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Really? Da Vinci thought his work wasn’t good enough? Forget it, none of our work is good enough. This entire website should probably shut down.

6. “Go on, get out! Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough!”
Karl Marx
That’s Karl Marx: a funny, lighthearted guy from start to finish.

7. “Why do you weep? Did you think I was immortal?”
Louis XIV of France
Given that he was known as “the Sun King,” and that he was one of the most powerful French monarchs–yes, some of his subjects probably did think he was immortal. […]

8. “We are all going.”
–President William McKinley
The third American president to be assassinated, McKinley was reportedly responding to his wife, who exclaimed as he died: “I want to go too! I want to go too!”

9. “I’m bored with it all.”
Winston S. Churchill
This only makes sense given that Churchill was basically the manliest man in the history of manly men.

This are just the first nine. Click here to read the rest.

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