3 Causes Millennials Are Getting Dismissed

Most Millennials have a miss conception of what is expected of them in the workplace, and that is hurting their careers, and, in the worst case scenarios, is even getting them fired.

Recently J.T. O’Donnell, founder and CEO of CareerHMO.com,  wrote an article to address this issue.

1. Millenials expect employers to take care of their growth and career plans.

“Growing up, Millennials were coached their entire lives and they unknowingly assume employers will coach them too.”

But many employers, especially small companies, can’t afford to invest in the development of their people, and that makes them frustrated.

“In many employers’ minds (especially, small to midsized businesses with limited budgets and resources), Millennials should foot the bill to develop themselves and make themselves worth more to the employer.”

The takeaway here is that Millennials should take the initiative and the responsibility to take care of their development plan.

“Tip: Millennials should do their best to seek proactively resources on their own to help them close gaps in skills and knowledge in the workplace. “

2. Millennials expect to have freedom and flexibility to work on their projects. Many times this have a negative impact on their job performance as it arises a conflict of interests and lack of focus.

“As explained here, Millennials tend to work only the minimum time expected–and will push for flexibility and a reduced work schedule to create more time for other pursuits. Being demanding about when and how they want to do their job can be viewed as disrespectful. “

If Millennials can first gain the respect and trust of their employers, it will be easier then to arrange a more flexible work schedule.

“Tip: In the early days and weeks of a new job, Millennials can make up for what they lack in skills by being consistently on time. When an employer sees their commitment to their work, they will earn her trust and respect, resulting in her being comfortable with their taking time off.”

3. Millennials put on their managers the responsibility of their well being and satisfaction at work. The problem is that any extrinsic motivator doesn’t last long, and that leads to frustration and disappointment.

“Millennials are pretty vocal about wanting work to be a “fun” place to go. Besides career development, they also desire lots of cool perks and benefits to make their job feel more rewarding. Besides nice work spaces, amenities like gym memberships, healthy meals on-site, in-house parties, etc., are being used in an effort to attract and maintain Millennial workers. Unfortunately, this is backfiring on employers–and that makes them angry. In spite of all the perks to keep them happy, Millennials are getting to these jobs and quickly showing visible signs of disappointment and dissatisfaction within months of joining the company.”

For anyone to keep motivated, that motivation must come from within.

“The reality is that Millennials (like all workers) must learn to find intrinsic motivation (internal drive for work), so they can find real satisfaction and success in their careers. “

As Millennials don’t know this yet, they feel depressed and frustrated and blame their employers.

“Since Millennials haven’t learned this yet, they’re experiencing sadness and confusion in the workplace. Unfortunately, their unhappiness is transparent to employers who have no desire to pay for what they perceive as a bad attitude at work.”

The 3 Reasons Millennials Are Getting Fired is a worthy read for any Millennial that wants to stand out from the crowd and have a kickstart in his career. Share it with anyone you know that can benefit this advice.