(INTERVIEW) Tony Robbins On The Power Of Network Marketing

It took over five years to make this interview with Tony Robbins and Eric Worre, from the Network Marketing Pro, happen.

Tony is going to talk about entrepreneurship and the power of network marketing.

Tony only have done this twice in his 38 years career, once was with Jay Abraham and the second one was with the Network Marketing Pro.

The second person you are going to hear in this interview is Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, 33 million copies sold all around the world.

He is going to share some ideas and his thoughts about the network marketing profession.

The third speaker is Bob Proctor. He is most known for the movie The Secret, but he is also the author of the book You Were Born Rich.

He is going to share some ideas on how you can have some breakthroughs, how you can change the paradigms in your mind.

Make sure you watch the interview all the way through because, at the end Eric Worre has a surprise very special for you.