7 Everyday Blunders That Can Destroy Your Reputation

Beware of the silent enemy that can kill your reputation!

Out reputation is our biggest asset, and we should always protect it at all costs. It’s very easy to get a bad reputation, and, once it happens, it can be daunting to get rid of it. So, by far, the best strategy is to build and keep a good reputation from the beginning.

Many of us think that only the big sins will bring you a bad reputation, you know, the kind we on television every day, but there is a silent enemy, almost invisible, inside our organizations that can mine our reputation from within.

That silent enemy are the small behaviors; that many times we don’t even realize we have.

You should at all times be vigilant of even the smallest behaviors that can hurt your reputation. Here are seven among the most common ones:

1. Negativity: If almost everything you say every time you open your mouth is negative, you’ll likely be managed out pretty soon.

2. Reading Your Emails in Meetings: Everyone does this, including me. But it’s terribly offensive to whoever is speaking at the moment.

3. Never Following Up on Introductions: I don’t care how great virtual technology is, nothing replaces face-to-face meetings. So when a colleague introduces you to a new person, be sure to follow up quickly.

4. Spelling Errors and Grammar Mistakes: Especially if the email is to your boss or senior colleagues. Take a few moments to spell check your emails and sentences. You don’t want to look careless.

5. Lying: This is pretty obvious. It’s still interesting to see how many people do it.

6. Sloppiness: These days, it’s perfectly normal to show up in jeans and kicks if you’re working at a tech company. But that doesn’t mean you can start wearing sweats and looking like you just came from the gym.

7. Showing Up Late: People are so scheduled out these days that if you’re even five minutes late you can mess up a whole afternoon’s worth of meetings. Not to mention being late is disrespectful.

Source: Inc.