To People Who Want To Achieve Greatness – But Can’t Get Started

This guy made a video about the fear of rejection – And it’s so motivational!

We all have ideas, hopes and dreams of a better life, a happier life, but whenever we think of doing something different, something new something bold, our fear of rejection kills that dream.

We start saying to ourselves, that will never work; if it were a good idea, anyone else would already have done it; it’s too hard; to expensive; I don’t have the time, or the money, or whatever.

Then you talk to your friends and your family, and they also say you the same. They tell you, forget it, it will never work, you will never make it.

All of this is only the fear of rejection. The fear of exposure, of not fitting in, talking you out of it.

This guy made this amazingly motivational video that will help you fight the fear of rejection and take action. Watch it now, and watch it again whenever you need it.

You owe it to yourself to look it into the eyes and fight that fear. The world needs your ideas.