Here’s A Quick Way To Become More Successful

Seth Goding on the importance of making it personal

In this interview with Bryan Elliot, Seth Godin talks about the importance of becoming more vulnerable. “We are too focused on how to avoid criticism and not enough on how to make a difference.” He says.

When he talks about becoming more personal, he doesn’t mean talking about your kids, or the color of the chairs in your living room. “We don’t need to know anything about Pablo Picasso’s life. All we need to know is that he put emotion on the table when he makes his art,” says Seth.

About working in an environment where they don’t let you be more personal and take risk, you have to decide if you want to continue working in a place like that, “If you work in an organization where they insist on keeping you in a tiny replaceable box, you have to make a choice about whether you have a future there or not.”