[Les Brown Video] What is the perfectionist paradox and why you should care

Today I was listening to this speech of Les Brown (you can watch the video below), and there was a passage that caught my attention.

Somebody said the land of familiarity belongs to the dead. Most people feel like they are king in the area of their comfort zone, and they only want to do those things that they know how to do well.

So if you want to begin to grow, you have to put something out here that you can’t reach easily. That is going to make you stretch. Is going to make you jump. Going to make you get back a little bit.

It reminded me of the perfectionist paradox. When you are very good at something and, more important when other see you as the best at something, you get afraid of learning something new.

When we learn something new, it’s natural and expected not to do it perfectly. So we choose to keep only doing what we know how to do well, even when that doesn’t serve us anymore.

It is worth watching the whole video.