Dr. Willie Jolley – He Knew That Great Things Were About To Happens, So He Took A Leap Of Faith

Despite his setbacks… Let me just rephrase that – Because of his setbacks, Dr. Willie Jolley was able to turn his life around and find his true passion.

When you have faith and are determined to figure a way to turn your life around, nothing can stand between you and your dreams. Sometimes you can’t be sure how things are going to work out… you just have to believe.

Thankfully, Dr. Willie Jolley gave this interview so we can understand how this process works and make it easier for us to believe and have faith.

Dr. Willie Jolley 700 Club Interview: Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks from Willie Jolley on Vimeo.

When people have faith, they don’t panic and they-they action, and when that happens all things are possible.