What Makes Cristiano Ronaldo The Best Player In The World

A lot of soccer players know how to work with a ball. But the real question is, can they contribute to the humanity?

For soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, the answer is a definitive “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Despite all of his success, he has still stayed a humble person who hasn’t forgotten his roots. He was born in Madeira, a small but beautiful Portuguese island.

His childhood bungalow home was so small they had to keep the washing machine on the roof!

Cristiano Ronaldo is a man committed to his work. He is so committed that when things don’t go as he expects, gets upset and, sometimes, he even cries.

But there is another side of this extraordinary football player. A more humanitarian side.

The following clip shows the other side of Cristiano Ronaldo, a beautiful and caring person that attributes his success to the dedication and hard work he always had.

That’s what’s great about Cristiano Ronaldo! If he feels like doing something for someone, he just does it, regardless if that is going to be good for his image or not.

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