What Casey Neistat Has To Say Will Give You Hope In The Future

We live in a time where the power have been given to people in a very democratic way. Today, if you want to spread your art, you don’t have to wait to be picked, you can pick yourself and put your art into the world. There are hundreds of ways of doing it, and one of the best is youtube.

Thak was exactly what Casey Neistat, he is the film director, producer, designer and creator of his own videos, that he shares instantaneously with the world in his youtube channel.

In this inspiring video, Casey Neistat explains the power we all have today in our hands by being able to discover our voice and putting our best work in front of the right audience without the need to wait and expect to be picked.

How awesome was that? The best part about videos like this is that we realize that we can set ourselves free, and achieve our dreams.


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