Why Does Jose Mourinho Say Defeat Can Be a Good Thing

The problem with failure is that it normally demoralizes us, and soon we start having some doubts crawling up our back, and, before we realize it we give up.

According to José Mourinho, failure is part of the path to success, and you should expect it. The moment you make failure part of your path to success, you no longer get surprised when it happens, and he loses his power.

That is why there are no failures, only outcomes. Every time you fail at something you succeed in learning another way of not doing it.

Watch the video now and learn from one of the best football coaches of all times.

I love to watch José Mourinho speak because he has a strong motivation for success and a clear vision of how to achieve it. He is mutch more that a great football coach, he is one of the greatest leaders I ever met.


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