Rise and Grind, Featured By Eric Thomas

It seems like each year we define our goals and intend to work on them, but how much have things really changed? We keep defining our dream and dreaming about accomplish them, but, many times, that’s all we do.

And so, year after year, time goes by, and we keep dreaming, and nothing changes.

What we need is more action. It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing.

In this video, Eric Thomas is going to motivate you to take action toward your dreams. After watching it, you will know exactly what you have to achieve your dreams, and you will have the necessary motivation to do it. And when that motivation starts to fade, don’t worry, just watch it again.


I love Eric Thomas because he is so blunt letting us know that we are the only ones responsible for our success and that we always have to give one twenty. The message is very clear, if you want the reward, you have to put the work.


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