The Message Eric Thomas Gives In This Video, Will Change Your Life

Most of us are conditioned to believe all our lives that we have to fit. We are supposed to go to school and do what the teachers tell us with questioning him. Later, we are deemed to get a job where we do what the boss tells us to do, so we can get a paycheck at the end of the month that allows us to live a mediocre life.

When someone tells us it doesn’t have to be this way – that we can aspire and have much more – we frequently cringe and, sometimes, we even become pissed off.

In this video, Eric Thomas tells us exactly what we need to do to break free from our condition and fulfill our dreams.

E.T. was abused for almost his whole life; he had to fight his way up to be where he is today, so what he is doing is incredibly powerful and shows us all that is possible to breakthrough if we really want it.


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