Why Amazing Is Part Of Your Architecture

Guest post by June Archer

You are unique, created from your individual blessings and shaped by the inspiration driven from the people you admire.

Every person is created uniquely. Even Siamese twins have different qualities, which set them apart. I was fortunate enough to understand that earlier on in life. No other person can be me. I cannot be anyone else either. It’s just not how we are built.

It is, however, definitely ok to be inspired. My passion to sing can be accredited to music legends such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Luther Vandross. Plugging in my headphones, listening in the dark to their timeless soundtracks of life, took my soul to unchartered places of aspiration.

What is key is that no one and no body of their music could be mistaken for each other. Why? It was their voice, their build, their architecture. So when I sang, I sang from my soul. I sang from the pipes only I possess, with the lungs I was born with, to let the world hear my sound.


When I finally transitioned to motivational speaking, I relied on the same beliefs I had with music. I saw the difference in people. Some of us work differently, some of us dream differently, some of us have different skill sets. Through our struggles, we must realize that what makes us amazing is that we are all different. Take that amazing quality and share it with the world without fear.

With belief and sometimes even with a little help, we can move mountains. I recognized that I even learned how amazing I was, through the eyes of others. I would be remiss if I did not share what I learned from my experiences.

When I created my podcast, Motivate U! with June Archer, I wanted an avenue for people to visit and park to get a daily dosage of motivation. My hope is that anyone who listens in would be inspired by the stories of my guests, resonate with their journeys, and come out owning how amazing they are with what they already have.

Everyone wants to know the secrets to happiness. Author June Archer lets us in on the secrets in his books, “Yes! Every Day Can Be a Good Day” and “Yes! You Can” (an inspirational children’s book – coming soon). You can find him on Twitter @JuneArcher