Eric Thomas on Dream, Vision And Grind

Start working on your dream, set a goal, put in effort and success will follow

There are no shortcuts to achieving success. Eric Thomas and his team present their views on how to strive towards success.

In this episode of TGIM, they explain how it was not always this rosy as it is now where they meet influential people every other day.

Back in the days, they were putting in almost twelve hours of work daily to get going. Their primary focus was on working hard without caring about how much success they were getting.

There were instances when they had their logos and t-shirts made and worked hard visiting schools, but they didn’t end up getting any sponsorships or reward for their hard work. But they didn’t give up.

That is why should start off with whatever you have on your hands. The moment you have a group of talented people, and you think you can start working together towards a mutual vision, just do it.

The sooner you start working hard to achieve your dreams, the earlier you will reach them. And it is important to believe in yourself and the vision because it is this belief which will drive you in achieving your goals.

Watch this episode of TGIM now to understand the basic tenets of achieving your dreams – dream, envision and work hard…