Sade Burrell On Why Obedience is Greater Than Sacrifice

Determined Hard Work Is Greater Than Classifying Oneself As A Voluntary Victim.

Being obedient to the process of achieving our target is better than living with an acceptance of becoming an intended victim.

There is a subtle difference in the two notions because if you believe yourself to be a victim you do not look at your effort with a completely positive outlook.

The strenuous hours you put in staying up late, missing some of your favourite activities and time with your family is actually you committing yourself faithfully and obediently to your goal.

The hardships that you face along the way are not making you a victim, rather they are simply aiding you in achieving what you set out for.

And for those in doubt, Sade offers the example of the greatest sacrifice done by the Saviour Himself, and whatever sacrifice one may do, one cannot exceed the magnitude of His sacrifice.

So, instead, you should focus on following and thus being obedient to your processes… to your goals.

Watch this video by Sade Burrell to understand that it’s important to perceive the process of putting in your sweat and blood in achieving your goals as a positive trait of obedience rather than viewing as a less positive trait of being a voluntary victim.