Eric Thomas – Quit Lying About Your Grind

In this episode of Thank God It’s Monday (TGIM) Eric Thomas, mentions one reason some people will never achieve their dreams or step into greatness.

He implies that some will never make their dreams come true because they lie to the most important person that will help them actualize their dreams, which is themselves. Even though you lie to others; your teacher, your coach, your posture trainer, and so on, you can’t afford to lie to yourself!

But what are you lying about? You are lying about your grind. ET mentions that some people are goal grinders. A goal grinder is someone who sets a goal before himself, but once he has achieved that goal, he believes he’s through and forgets everything about the goal.

For instance, an overweight may set a goal to lose some weights, but once he has achieved that goal of shedding off some pounds, he forgets about everything and goes adding more pounds to become overweight again – that is a goal grinder!

Instead of being a goal grinder, ET remarks that you should be a lifetime grinder. Set a goal for yourself, achieve that goal, and don’t stop there – keep setting more goals and keep reaching them.

A goal grinder is a quitter, but a lifetime grinder is not. Whatever your goals are, do not lie about your grind – be a lifetime grinder and achieve your goals!