Eric Thomas On How To Make Your Dream Became a Reality

Every human wants to be in peace and be the number one, especially financially – everyone wants to be the best!

Work are expected to put the work on to make a dream become a reality. However, you should have it in mind that you are not the only one with a dream, there are several other contenders.

What tells you that you are the only one who dreams to become the president, CEO, make a hundred million dollars at the place of your work?

Of course, there are others who have dreams like yours. What, then do you have to do? You can find some clues in ET video below…

ET says that if there are others who want what you want, then you will have to outwork and outplay them. Get up earlier to achieve your dream so you can sleep later when that dream has become a reality.

Some people can push you and help you achieve your goals. These people include your wife, husband, children, and so on. You can’t afford to be 70% or 80% good to achieve your dreams; you have to take everything – aim for 120. You should be able to say: “I can, I will, I must!” Say to yourself further: “If not me, who? If not now, when?”

Dream your dream, always give 120, and win the grand prize – do not settle for less!