Gary Vaynerchuk On One Is Better Than Zero

It’s the quality of the work that you do which matters and not the quantity. If you strive for quality and put in your efforts day in and day out in maintaining and fostering it, then you will reach your target audience.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s formula 1>0, which focuses on this very aspect of work, is very simple in definition but vast in its implication.

Watch the video bellow to understand a very basic tenet of hard work, which is striving for depth and not for breadth, as the former persists for long while the latter perishes as soon as its superfluous…

Very often we are asked to sacrifice the basics and skip forward as the limelight seems to be just at the corner. But such jumps ultimately lead nowhere.

Rather it’s the basics that matter. Gary tells this with few personal examples as he explains that he has done thousands of videos which reached may be a total audience cost of 89 or 137 people and similar.

But rather than looking down at such work, he worked on them as foundations on which he built his expertise, which eventually led to him being called for interviews on CNN and by major hosts on television.