Eric Thomas On The Importance Of Making A Decision

If you ever despair or doubt if you are operating with your greatest passion, then you haven’t made a decision.

In the “I Made a Decision” episode of ET’s Thank God It’s Monday, you will see the importance of making a decision in achieving greatness.

ET resigned from his old well–paid job at the University of Michigan in 2010 because he was not satisfied with some restrictions surrounding his job. Later, he found out that his decision actually inspired, encourage, and motivate others. Though it was a difficult decision for him to make, he had to make it.

You too are can make a decision and turn your life around for good! You are encouraged to pursue your dreams. Irrespective of your profession, no human may be able to reach his full potential, but the right decision will kickstart you.

A good decision is the secret to success. Logically, you cannot make a difference until you make a decision. Instead of complaining about everything; your job, your financial status, and so on, ET says you should shut up and make a decision because that decision is what will make the difference!

If you have made wrong decisions in the past, you can still turn things around by making better ones now.

To get the control of your life is your decision to make – it is not your mother’s or father’s, but only yours to make!

Put your decisions down in writing and speak it out. Make them from the heart, and that is what will make the difference in your life, your relationship, your financial status, your everything.

On July 31, 2010, Eric Thomas (ET) made a decision, make yours too today!