Eddie Pinero – Unbeatable

Always Trade Discomfort Now For Victory Later.

Humans are complex, unpredictable and difficult to understand. In addition to food, there is a dish we all need, and we always need – that’s we need to be admired, we need to be motivated, we need to be encouraged by someone.

One of the great characteristics that we humans possess is ‘the feeling of getting bored’. You get bored with the work, which is not made for you.

Ever wondered why you born when there is already so much population on Earth? It’s because you are here for a specific purpose, you are meant to do a specific task – which no one else can do.

When you realize that there is something that interests you, then you will not feel bored no matter how many times you do that, you are meant to do that job.

In that task, you can be unbeatable, you can be a master, you can be a guru – that’s the task made for you and in that particular task – you are unbeatable. You can fall in the beginning, can be defeated, but success is a slow process and giving up isn’t an option. It’s gained, it’s achieved by your internal motivation, by determination and by Passion.

Every great man in history had his moments of struggle and self-doubt, so the question should not be whether or not you’re feeling uncomfortable. The question should be are you giving enough? Are you willing to push it a bit harder than anyone else?

“Getting knocked down isn’t a deterrent; it’s a blessing because it’s refining our approach.” – Eddie Pinero

If you want to be the best, your mindset must reflect the best. You must think differently than ordinary people. The road to success does not lie in making great things suddenly, the road to success lies in making many ordinary things extraordinary well. It’s the compound effect of all those small steps sum together that will make the difference.

It takes the journey, it takes the struggle and take comfort in the fact that every great man in the history of humanity has gone through the same struggle you are going trough.